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Tour of the Bernard Field Station with T-shirts

Sponsoring Organization
 Students for the Bernard Field Station
Meeting Place and Time
 Seal Court, behind Scripps Dining Hall 2PM Sunday
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Students for the Bernard Field Station (BFS)

invites you to a


Where you can get a T-shirt for $1!!!! One dollar!!


Come check out the BFS!

Fun and adventures and cool folks

See BIRD BANDING* at 3pm

*bird banding is where we catch birds, put a band on their leg, measure their weight, and release them back to the wild. This lets us track migration patterns because the BFS is an important migration stopover point for migratory animals.


TIME: Sunday, 11/16/2008, 2 p.m.


LOCATION: Meet in SEAL COURT, behind Scripps College dining hall


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