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  • All items are in excellent shape and at least 30% off current retail price.
  • All gear (except item 3 and 8) are manufactured by Black Diamond and have been stored in cool, dry locations
  • Package discount available: items (1) through (5) (or part of (4) (5), and (6)) make a great first rack for the new sport leader  
  • additional gift of 60 cm wild country runner (brand new) with $50 purchase


(0) Climbing shoes
Evolv Mungens (brand new) Women’s 6.5/7  $30 or best offer
Five Ten Moccasym (brand new) Women’s 7/Men’s 6,  $60 o.b.o.
Boreal Diablo (used) Women’s 7/Men’s 6,  $40 o.b.o.
(The Daiblo is great if you are looking for your first pair of trad shoes)

(1) Quickwire quickdraw, 5 available at $12 ea (retails for $16.95)                                                                                                         
(straight gate quicksilver on top, hotwire wiregate on the bottom, 5” dogbone (0.75” wide))
purchased in 2001, used for about 50 days without any falls

 (2) 30 cm Dynex runner, 3 available at $4 ea (retails for $6.5)                                                                                                 
Surplus from 2005 purchase, brand new with tags still on runners

(3) 30 cm Wild country runners, 2 available at $2 ea                                                                                        
Surplus from 1999 purchase, brand new

(4) Quicksilver carabiner, 5 available at $5 ea (retails for $7.50)                                                                                                                
purchased around 2005, fairly new

(5) Hotwire carabiner  (56% off)  5 available at  $4 ea (retails for $8.50)
purchased in 1999, used extensively

(6) Light-D carabiner, 4 available at $4 ea (retails for $6.50)
purchased in 2001, used mainly as racking ‘biners

(7) Rocklock screwgate,  $8  (retails for  $11.95)
(8) Red C.A.M.P. Silver Start Helmet (Climbing Magazine Editor’s Choice)  $40  (retails for $72)
both of the above purchased last year, brand new


(9) Guidebook for the new Tree trad leader:
The Trad Guide to Joshua Tree: 60 favorite climbs from 5.5 to 5.9   $15 (retails for $22)


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