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OTL Shindig 9pm Tuesday Night Walker Lounge

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 On the Loose
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 Walker Lounge 9pm
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There are some things that are really great.  One of those things is On the Loose, the sort of outdoors club that we all need to keep our sanity within our technical pieces.  Another thing that is great is Steve McQueen, the badass of the the great American 20th century.  This coming tuesday, Feburary 9th, there will be a shindig that unites these two great things.  There will be an ice cream cake, tales of adventure, and a rewatching of the dramatic motorcycle escape scene from "The Great Escape."  So come one, come most, to this, the best shindig ever.


ALSO: Rusty Berry of Scuba Schools of America will be coming to talk about subsidized SCUBA lessons! 


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