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ASSASSINS is an ongoing live action game, with no physical borders and no designated meeting place, in which the objective is to 'assassinate' other players by following a sipmle set of rules.

--At 12:00 AM on Monday, March 29th, you will be assigned a target, whom you must 'assassinate' by hitting with a sock. You will be given the target's name, college, and year.

--At any point in time, each player has only one target and one assassin.

--No one besides the assassinator may see the sock when it contacts the target. If the target or other standers-by see it make contact, the assassination attempt is invalidated and the assassin must wait at least one hour before re-attempting the assassination. The sock may be in the hand of the assassinator when it contacts the target, but it is not required to be.

--When a player successfully assassinates her target, the target must divulge his 'secret code' (created upon signup) to his assassin. The assassin then enters this code on the OTL website to log the assassination and receive her next target. Assassinated targets are not required to divulge the name of their target; they are only required to divulge their personal 'secret code.'

--Assassinations may not be made inside 5C academic buildings, study lounges, or administration buildings. Assassinations are valid anywhere in the world outside these two locations.

--Nothing may be placed inside the sock used for assassination. This includes rocks and nails.

--A player may also attempt to assassinate his own assassin. Say player A is assigned to assassinate player B, who in turn is assigned to assassinate player C. C can attempt to assassinate B. If successful, B must divulge his or her 'secret code' to C, who logs the kill on the OTL website. A is then automatically notified that her target has been eliminated and that her new target is C. If B instead assassinates a different player, D, who is not after B, D informs B that she was incorrect.

--Players who go 7 days without a successful kill will self-destruct and be eliminated from the game. Self-destructions happen at 12:01 AM every day. For record-keeping purposes, a kill logged at any time during a given day is considered to have happened at 12:01 AM that day. Players whose targets self-destruct will be notified of their new targets at 12:01. The self-destruction countdown resets upon logging of an assassination on the website (if you physically assassinate someone but self-destruct before you log the assassination, you will be eliminated from the game).

--There are two winners: the longest standing and the one with the most kills. Fabulous awards will be presented at an OTL shindig award ceremony.

--The above rules are subject to change without notice before the start date. Check back and review the rules before the game begins.


--At 12:00 AM on Monday, March 29nd, signups will close and your first target will appear on your personalized assassins page, which you see after loggin in. The 7-day self-destruct countdown starts and you are free to begin hunting.



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