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Spring Break and Cesar Chavez weekend just passed, which probably means that you went somewhere pretty cool, maybe an OTL trip, maybe not, and if you didn't, that's ok too.  Our postspringbreakandcesarchavez shindig will take place at 9pm in the gear room!

Q: Shindigs are so much fun! What's going on at this one?
A: A beauteous picture slideshow!
Q: sweet! how do I get my spring break / cesar pictures in the slideshow?
A: Go to the OTL website and click on "Photography" (it's right in between "mad links" and "otl guide", and you should be directed to a picture sharing site known as picassa, and its pretty simple from there on
Q: yessssss
A: so do it. even if you aren't going to the shindig, at least everyone else can see your sweet pics!
Q: what's the point?
A: INSPIRATION so other people can lead sweet trips too!
Q: ok honestly I'm really only coming for the snacks.....
A: obviously
Q: so....?
A: trail mix, oatmeal, and iodized water
Q: that's not funny
A: we're having a yogurt bar - varieties of yogurt, granola, and fresh berries will be served!
Q: that's not very manly
A: be grateful
Q: ok
A: so remember! come to the shindig at 9 on tuesday and be ready for some amazing pictures!

lots of love
OTL Staff


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