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Johnsons Pasture Hike!!!

Sponsoring Organization
 Pete Tauber
Meeting Place and Time
 4pm, sixth and college way, in front of Smiley.
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I just wanted to give people the opportunity to go on a nice friday afternoon hike in this really special place that is SO CLOSE to campus (just off mountain ave next to the wilderness park). Johnson's pasture is a 200 acre area of open space of gently rolling hills and meadows with lots of cool animals like hawks, birds, and lizards. Unfortunately, the owners of this land are trying to sell it, and without a super majority vote this incredible place may be lost to development! So, I just want to get as many people up there to visit it and share with them how special it really is.

We'll meet in front of smiley at 4pm on friday and then roll up there in my jeep, go on a nice leisurely hike, perhaps see a gorgeous sunset. I honestly cant think of a better way to spend a friday afternoon!



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