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 on da loooose
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 Basketball courst by Walker Lounge
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the cook-off shindig! it is what it sounds like!

this november 23rd, we invite you to show off your cooking skillz!

but there's a twist - you can only use a coleman propane stove, or 2 whisperlights.  AND each participant gets a budget of ONLY $15 to shop beforehand (reimbursed by OTL! yeah!).  

the cook-off will be followed by a feast where everyone is merry. you may begin at around 8pm, and must finish by 9pm to serve! 

we'll provide the pots, pans, cooking oil, stoves, whisks, spoons, spatulas, salt, knives, cutting boards, and lighters.  all you need to buy is the main ingredients

this is an opportunity to learn some sweet camping recipes and share your own!

you must register by sending an email to otlstaff@gmailcom by NOVEMBER 22nd in order to get all $15 back.  if you forget to register, you can show up with your groceries but a stove will not be reserved, and you will only get $5 reimbursed. ye hath been warned!

start cooking up some ideas!! (heh heh) and REGISTER 


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