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!SHINDIG: Come plan your spring break trips!

Sponsoring Organization
 On The Loose
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 Walker Lounge and the Gear Room. 9:15 PM (After LNT workshop)
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Hey OTL peeps,

 Anybody have some great ideas for Spring Break camping, backpacking water sports, or something else completely badass? Haven't thought about Spring Break at all yet?

Well, then come on down to the Gear Room on Tuesday for a Spring Break planning shindig! We'll have snacks and staff and other OTLers will be there to discuss ideas with. Believe it or not, Spring Break is less than a month away; so, it's time to make your plans and get any permits or transportation. Come on Tuesday to let us help you plan trips! We'll have the awesome LNT workshop just before. 8 PM for that, 9:15 PM for Shindig.


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