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White Wash Film Screening

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 Rose Hills Theater - 6:00 pm
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WHITE WASH Documentary Movie Screening at Pomona College
http://www.whitewashmovie.com/ (trailer for film)

Date Saturday, February 18, 2012
Film Screening Time: 6.00 pm
Discussion Panel: 7.15 pm
Event Location: Rose Hills Theater, Pomona College

Event Name and Description:

“White Wash” explores the complexity of race in America through the eyes of the ocean via the history of African Americans and water culture from slavery, civil rights wade-ins to surfing in contemporary times. In examining the history of world water culture, and the history of black identity as it triumphs and evolves in the minds of black surfers, we learn about the power of transcending race as a constructive phenomenon. The film delves into how this subject has been interpreted and how the collective American cultural memory has included or not included these stories in the national discourse. Contemporary interviews filmed with professional and vocational surfers and scholars are woven together with historical archival film footage. Angelenos Rick Blocker, Founder of Blacksurfing.com, and Alison Rose Jefferson, Pomona College Alumna, a USC Master of Historic Preservation degree holder and current Public History/American History doctoral grad student are interviewed in the film. The story is narrated by Grammy Award winner Ben Harper, along with Tariq “Blackthought” Trotter of the Grammy Award winning hip hop group, The Roots who also provide the film’s musical score. “White Wash” director Ted Woods, will participate in a discussion following the film screening. The 78 minute, English language picture was directed by Ted Woods and was released in the United States in 2011. Brought to you by the Pomona Events Committee and the Outdoor Education Center.

TED WOODS, Director
Filmmaker Ted Woods began work on his debut documentary film, WHITE WASH in 2006. Before moving to Los Angeles, Woods, a Chicago-area native by birth, was inspired to make WHITE WASH in part due to his friendship with several surfers of African American heritage, and a desire to understand the complex relationship he witnessed they had with this water sport. A superior athlete as well as an emerging filmmaker, Woods played on the 2002 Patriot League Champion Football team, and works as a fitness industry professional. To continue his exploration of different cultural relationships, Woods is currently applying to graduate school to pursuit advanced studies in Cultural Anthropology. He received his BA in Peace and Justice Studies from Fordham University in Bronx, New York.

RICK BLOCKER, Founder of BlackSurfing.com
At the age of twelve, Rick Blocker began surfing regularly and became the third generation of family members, to call themselves a “local” at the Santa Monica beach area sometimes known as the “Inkwell.” Son of a Black corporate executive and an acclaimed visual artist, Blocker was raised in the West Adams District of Los Angeles. He participated in the first volunteer public school busing program for racial equality in Los Angeles and while there, developed his interests in the arts, music, skateboarding and surfing.
A retired Los Angeles Unified School District teacher, husband and father, Blocker enjoys participating and contributing to the many projects that help develop alternate historical views of black surfing, both past and present. Founder of www.Blacksurfing.com, Blocker is an outspoken advocate for African American surfers who are living their dreams. He is a member of the Malibu Surfing Association, Diversity in Aquatics and the Black Surfing Association. Blocker earned a BA degree in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1976.

ALISON ROSE JEFFERSON (Public Historian, Author and Pomona College Alumna)
The research and professional interest of Alison Rose Jefferson revolve around the intersection of historical memory, American history, Black Angeleno history, leisure and cultural tourism in Southern California during the twentieth century, great migration and Jim Crow era.

In addition to Jefferson’s participation in the WHITE WASH film, her research has resulted in other accomplishments to publicly recognize and preserve the overlooked and rich Los Angeles County, African American history in the beach community of Santa Monica. An article she penned entitled, “African American Leisure Space in Santa Monica: The Beach Sometimes Known as the ‘Inkwell,’ 1900s-1960s” appeared in the Southern California Quarterly publi


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