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Canyoneering Slideshow!!

Sponsoring Organization
 Alpine Training Services, OTL, and the Climbing Club
Meeting Place and Time
 During the Shindig at 9:00pm on Tuesday, November 7th in Walker Lounge
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A professional Canyoneering Guide from Alpine Training Services is going to give a FREE slideshow, on what exactlt Canyoneering is all about. The presentation is intended for all levels of experience and will be big sweet. The southwest is pretty much the premier canyoneering area and there are tons of outstanding canyons to explore in the San Gabriels, like 20 minutes from campus. Also, part of slideshow will be about gear and equipment and should be relevant to anyone interested in learning about technical rope work like canyoneering, climbing, mountaineering, rescue, extreme tree climbing, mischief, probably cleaning windows on tall buildings, and other stuff. It should be totally rad!


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