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 OTL Staff
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 Gear room in Pomona Hall
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Hello friends!! This is the first of our bi-weekly shindigs. 

We'll be discussing some AWESOMELY IMPORTANT ITEMS:

1. What OTL does as a club and the wonderful benefits of being a member

2.  How to become an OTL leader and consequently lead adventurous trips (esp. important for Fall break, Thanksgiving, every weekend)

 3. How to check out FREE GEAR

4. Who works at OTL and what kind of bagels we like the most


Additionally, we will be sharing tales of lore, stories of past OTL trips or any sort of adventure you want to share (your memories of swimming with sting rays, how you summitted K2, or why your favorite OA meal was brownie scramble)

So come along, bring all your friends. We will have scrumptious Trader Joe's snacks!!!!!!


See y'all there!!! 



OTL Staff 


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