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 Gear Room, Pomona Hall, Pomona College
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For all you awesomely experienced, gung-ho outdoorswo/men, join us for a scintillating evening of training in the art of guiding OTL sponsored trips into the great land that is our home. 


There will be snacks etc.


Please arrive at 8pm in the gear room.

We will start with a reading from On-The-Loose and progress from there, most likely in a non-sequential order of business. It will be fun, there will be stories, and after an hour you will be an OTL leader, ready to get your trips on.


C'mon out, bring friends who know how to light a whisperlite or set up a tent. Also your pet rabbit or fish because we all love small cuddly creatures.


See you there. Love,

OTL Staff 


P.S. No need to RSVP, just come and bring Mardi Gras beads, a ray of sunshine, and a good ole story to get us riled up  


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