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Post Spring Break BBQ and LNT

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 5:00 pm @ the OEC barbequein' area!
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Traveling Leave no Trace fellows Danny and Roland will be gracing us with their presence the Monday after spring break!! Come join us for snacks, knowledge, great stories, and a celebratory BBQ after the workshop.

Attendees will be entered in a sweet raffle to win something awesome! Bedazzled trowels, anyone? Also, Leave no Trace presenters usually come with their own swag to distribute.

Why should you attend this event? Because you've always wondered...
-Is it worse to take pebbles out of the river or throw pebbles at small animals?
-Is it worse to clearcut a forest or plant an invasive species?
-Is it worse to crossbreed your dog with a coyote or take home a baby possum?
-Is it worse to dump oatmeal in the lake or feed birds oatmeal?
-Is it worse to use the trail as a toilet or put your trash in the outhouse?

Learn the answers to these questions and more on Monday 3/25 at 5:00 with LNT at the OEC!

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