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World Class Climber Hans Florine on Campus!!!!! All 5C's Can Attend Dinner!!!!

Sponsoring Organization
 Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum
Meeting Place and Time
 5:30 at the Ath if you go to the dinner 6:45 just for the talk 4:00 if you want to meet with him in a small group
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Hans has been the US National Speed Climbing Champion nine times in the past 15 years, and he won the first World Speed Climbing Championship in 1991. Hans won gold at the first three ESPN X-Games and has repeatedly set and broken one of the most coveted speed records in the world: The Nose of El Capitan. He also holds numerous speed records in Yosemite National Park and all over the globe. (from his website hansflorine.com)


-Set a healthy precedence of outdoor speakers on the 5C's!!!!

-See his amazing slide show!!! 

-Get a rare opportunity (if you're a non-CMC student) to eat at the Ath!!!!


Email ethomas07@cmc.edu your meal card number if you want to go to the dinner and/or small group meeting.   



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