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Amazing "backcountry" Race

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 1:00 PM @ the OEC
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Ever wanted to be on The Amazing Race??? Well here is your chance 5C edition!

This race consists on 2-3 person teams who compete against both the clock and each other to complete over a dozen outdoor skills and tests through the 5Cs! Be warned this is no ordinary race! Some stations may include making a fire, pitching a tent blindfolded and much, much more....

 - This epic adventure is inclusive to people of all experience levels and will take place on Sunday, April 13th at 1:00pm. So stop on by the OEC and sign-up your team or register with the REGISTRATION FORM HERE

Hope to see you on the race course in April! Feel free to email oec@pomona.edu with any questions or stop by the OEC!

Here's the Amazing Race Theme Song to get you in the right mindset!


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