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 7:00 PM Rose Hills Theatre, Pomona College
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Come to a night of epic tales, harrowing stories and just plain fun in the outdoors.

We'll be set up in Rose Hills theatre Friday, March 7th to hear amazing stories and revel at beautiful photos and video. From Mexico to Spain these stories are sure to entertain and inspire. Featuring students and professors from all over the 5C's. And there will be SNACKS!!!

Here's a sneak peek at the line-up:

1. Will Duke- Pitzer Sophomore-Hiked the Camino de Santiago this past summer

2. David Mooney Harris- Professor at HMC--Written books about cali and other cool stuff

3. Jonah Grubb-- Pomona Sophomore- Mexican Whitewater (with Video)

4. Mia Stroutsos (Pitzer junior)-Pitzer Junior- 24 miles in 24 hours summited 14,000 feet in Colorado

5. Michael Graber - CMC Environmental Board -Emmy winning adventure videos

6. Emilio Cassaretto- Pitzer Senior- Trekking in Nepal

7. Lora Funk -Pitzer sophomore -John Muir Trail

8. Becki Yukman- Colorado Trail or 15 Colorado 14ers

9. Martin Crawford- “The Sky is Falling”- montage of three different stories

Visit the FACEBOOK EVENT and invite your friends!

Please feel free to contact Lisa at lhirata@students.pitzer.edu or Jonah at jonah.grubb@pomona.edu with any questions!


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