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The Powerdown Campout Extravaganza

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 Walker Beach, 8 pm
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Ready for the night of your life? Want to brag that you slept out on Walker Beach (and you didn't even get wet form the sprinklers)? Can't get enough of the Hunger Games? Love Donut Man (especially when it's free)?

Come to the Powerdown Campout - TONIGHT! 

Hunger Games: Catching Fire (that's number two) will be showing out on the big screen from 8 until whenever it ends. 

There will be FREE donut man. And copious amounts of other tasty treats. 

We've got glow in the dark volleyballs for night time adventures.

Please bring any other games or ideas you love. 

All you need to do? Shut things down in your room and join the fun! Swing by the OEC to check on sleeping things, or bring your own.


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