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On the Loose Fall Break Shindiggity doggity

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 Pomona Outdoor Education Center 8pm
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"And after the seventh week of classes, thou shalt flee Claremont and enter the wilderness." Exodus 23:1

Though it might be tempting to spend Fall Break in hibernation, we respectfully suggest that you leave the Claremont bubble for a second and see what's going on out there in the big ole world. Whether you want go to the beach or scale a mountain OTL wants to help make your Fall Break dreams come true. 

A shindig - a gathering of On the Loosers
To plan Fall Break funtivities (e.g. backpacking trips, bouldering excursions, romps on the beach, walks in the park...) You can suggest a trip or find out about trips already being planned by OTL leaders.
Club leaders, club members (old and new), any 5C student will do!
YES. We reimburse your park permits, gas, gear rentals, and food. 


WHen??? 8PM 8PM 8PM


Where??? Pomona's Outdoor Education Center


See ya there! 


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