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Spring Break Photo Contest

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 All over the Western U.S. during spring break!
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Learn the basics of capturing your nature connections with an Outdoor Photography Workshop. Come by to learn some skillzzz and to get inspired before your Spring Break!
March 11, 7:00PM at the OEC (lots of snacks too!)
Please JOIN the facebook event so we can get an accurate headcount for snacks...https://www.facebook.com/events/953040761381062/

Then, after Spring Break, share your connections to nature and upload them to http://goo.gl/4VzVfE

Prize 1 - $200 to REI!!!!
Prize 2 - OEC Package #1 (Headlamp, Nalgene, T-Shirt, Frisbee)
Prize 3 - OEC Package #2 (Nalgene, T-Shirt, Frisbee)

Winners will be selected based on how many people Like an uploaded photo and then Ranked by the OEC. The contest ends on the midnight of Contest End Date, March 31, 2015. 

So get your flip phones, smartphones, gopros, disposible cameras, or regular ol' point n shoot cameras out and shoot a photo that highlights your 2015 Spring Break. This contest is not about taking the best photo with the most expensive digital SLR but about highlighting your connection to nature on Spring Break and getting likes to improve your chances... 

Get your friends to like the your photo(s). Please make note that the winner is primarily based on Ranking by the OEC staff. The number of Likes on a photo will improve your chances to be Ranked.

Note: Be respectful or we'll delete the submission - no nudity, drugs, alcohol, non-LNT practices, etc..


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