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 Meet at the OEC, Mondays at 7PM
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Looking to hone your outdoor leadership skills?

Look no further!
The OEC is offering Monday night workshops covering different topics surrounding outdoor leadership.
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Oct 12
Outdoor Privilege - Come learn about the inherent privilege in the outdoors, contribute to the conversations about solutions to making the outdoors more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Oct 26
Pushing past the comfort zone - when is hard TOO hard? We will be learning techniques to help participants in distress, how leaders can help people through difficult times, and how to leverage these difficulty situations to make an even more impactful experience.

Oct 26...
Want to make sure you have the right gear for the right job? In this workshop, we will be covering pros and cons of different equipment and how to use it properly. 3-season tent vs. 4-season tent, synthetic vs. down sleeping bags, white gas vs. propane stoves, etc...

Oct 26
Trip Planning - Introducting the new Trip Planning Form, created by the OEC to help outdoor leaders plan, design, and successfully lead adventures!

Nov 2
Outdoor Risks - Come learn about "perceived" risks vs. actual risks in the outdoors. We'll be looking at some case scenarios and learn about different leadership traps to avoid.

Nov 2
Leave No Trace - Want to help leave the world better than you found it? We will be going over the 7 principles of LNT, a guide to respecting and protecting our wilderness areas while leading trips.
For more INFO check out the FB EVENT PAGE HERE


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