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Big SKEEZE Meeting!

Sponsoring Organization
 Ski Club
Meeting Place and Time
 8:00pm, Walker Lounge
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This season is ending and we have to begin preparing for the next one. In other words, CLUB MEETING!
Many of the officers are graduating and we need to be sure that there is continued representation from each campus. We will be embarking on our first official 5C budget hearings in the next few weeks, and new leaders with the ambition and drive to continue building on the foundation of the past years are needed. Snowstock is a major undertaking, as are the Reading Days and Spring Break trips, plus setting up Ski/Beach Day and the Sand/Snow party. Got a new idea or suggestion? Come and tell us, then help make it happen! A 5C ski team has been tossed around (going back to our true roots as a club)...the sky is really the limit. 
We will also have ski tuning for $5 available at the meeting, or free if you want to learn yourself. More info on that soon.


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