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COMMANDO (oh damn)

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 Society for Organized BAD ASS Diversions and Digressions (SO-BADD)
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 Dennison Library, Scripps College, Wednesday,10 pm (synchronize your watches NOW)
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This is quite probably the sweetest game ever known to man. Anyone who disagrees is not a ninja. Come only if you are ready to be a bad ass.


If played properly, this game will most definitely involve: jumping over shit, barrel rolling behind bushes, scraping/bruising your shit up, fighting ninjas, tackling mini-bears, and swimming the British Channel (like that girl that one time).

You should probably wear black unless you want to suck. You should also probably not wear underpants (due to the name....and because underpants are for squares). oh, and this will not be enforced cuz no one wants to look down your pants....except for Thad, but he's agreed to save this for a post-game activity.


1. The "Assasin" stands at a designated spot at high ground. The Assasin then picks out 5-7 "targets" that the "Commandos" (everyone else) will then try to tag without being seen by the "Assasin." (A target, for example, may be a corner of a building, a tree, a lamp, a statue, etc). The last target is always the Assasin (aka "killing the Assasin).

2. The Assasin calls out a number between 2 and 15 and then closes his/her eyes and counts at a uniform and steady cadence to the called out number.

3. The Commandos run and try to tag the targets while the Assasin is counting. (Each man for himself, no "Commando swat teams") They must try to hide before the Assasin finishes counting and opens his/her eyes. 

4. After finishing the count, the Assasin then calls out any Commandos that he/she sees. If spotted, the Commandos are out of the game until a new one starts. 

5. After spotting all Commandos that failed to hide well enough, the Assasin picks another number and counts again with his/her eyes closed. Continue the cycle until either a Commando tags all targets and "kills" the Assasin or the Assasin spots all the Commandos. 


The Assasin wins if he/she spots all Commandos before they tag all the targets and then "kill" him/her.

The winning Commando is the Commando that manages to tag all targets and then "kill" the Assasin. That Commando then becomes the Assasin for the next round.





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