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WFR - Wilderness First Responder training or How to Handle Backcountry Emergencies Marlboro College is sponsoring an intensive backcountry medical training course in Marlboro, VT from May 22-30th, 2008. This 72-hour, hands-on Wilderness First Responder course will enable students to deal with medical emergencies when they are miles away from help and dialing 911 is not an option. This course isrecommended for all outdoor professionals and those who spend time in remote areas. Graduates will receive WFR certification by Wilderness Medical Associates, valid for three years, as well as BLS level CPR and anaphylaxis certification. Wilderness Medicine differs from traditional emergency medicine in three respects. First, transport times are measured in hours and days rather than minutes, so many phases of patient care that usually takes place in a hospital must be carried out in the field. Second, severe environments dramatically increase the complexity of any emergency and heighten risk to patient and rescuers alike. Third, limited equipment makes improvisation and resourcefulness essential skills. Professional instructors from Wilderness Medical Associates, leaders in backcountry and rescue medical training will address these issues and more. Skills will be developed for field use whether it's a national park or a remote rescue service. Classes are fast-paced with an emphasis on practical skills. Mornings are devoted to lectures while afternoon and evenings are spent outside working on everything from litter construction to full-scale rescue simulation. Realistic simulations, complete with fake wounds and stage blood, will be conducted. All simulations will be video taped and debriefed for enhanced learning. Call Jim Nicholson at 802-258-4699 for location & registration information. Call toll-free, 888/WILDMED or log on to www.wildmed.com for course description & future courses. ***Reporters and film crews are invited to attend the final simulation. Please call the sponsor in advance for simulation schedule. Tuition $450 Full room & Board $265


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