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The idea for an On the Loose journal comes from the book that inspired the name of our club, On The Loose by Renny and Terry Russel. This book is a collection of poetry, prose, and photography that the two brothers compiled after journeying/bumming/adventuring around the southwestern states in their early twenties. It is a beautiful book that inspires a spirit of adventure and reflection as we go out to enjoy the deserts, mountains and beaches of this wonderful region.

In honor of the Russel brothers and to celebrate our own experiences in the southwest, we hope to create a cohesive collection of OUR artwork and stories in a new On the Loose journal, and of course, WE WANT YOUR STUFF!

As outdoors enthusiasts, we have all spent a significant time out enjoying and appreciating mother nature. Whether we choose to snap a photo, write it down in our journals, count out syllables to make a haiku, or recount classic OTL badass stories around a campfire, we have all reflected on our outdoor experiences in one way or another. 

So if you have some nature-inspired photos, sketches, poetry, reflective writing, prose, narratives of bad ass stories, or WHATEVER you should email them to me at CMASURAT@SCRIPPSCOLLEGE.EDU or bring it to the next Shin Dig and I'll take it from there.


Please no nakedness or references to substance usage. 

Anything else is fair game!  



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