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Bear Creek (Lower Portion) - Log in to edit.

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A good local creek/trail hike that isn't as steep as Baldy or the other peaks.

Relevant Guidebooks & Maps

Trails of the Angeles, hike #74 (p.169)


Take I-210 West to 39 in Azusa. Follow 39 North 11.5 miles, just past the Rincon Ranger Station, and park on the left or right near the trailhead. On weekends you have to pay a $3 parking fee at the bottom of 39. Its about a 45 minute drive.


The trail starts through a turnstile on a paved bike bath. Follow the pavement about a mile to a concrete bridge. Cross the creek to the right at the bridge and follow the remnants of a trail as far as you want. The trail is not well maintained so hiking the creek might be easier. Wear clothes for creek hiking if that is the desired route.

Safety Notes

Rincon Ranger Station is just South of the hike on 39.

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Last updated: 05/22/2009


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