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Category: Hiking



A hike or mountain bike ride in a fairly snow-safe area. (About 5,000 feet)

Relevant Guidebooks & Maps

San Bernardino Mountain Trails, Hike #1, p. 41. Note that this hike/ride is quite different than the book describes it, however.


Take I-10 East to I-15 North and exit on Cedar Springs Road/ Hwy. 138. Take 138 about 4 miles just past the sign for Summit Railroad and pull off right into the dirt road at a worn out white sign that says "Elliott" in barely legible writing. Park at the gate (or drive further if you have a 4WD if you want). It's about a 45 minute drive from campus.


Go down the dirt road, staying straight past two roads that turn-off. Follow the road into the canyon and across the Pacific Crest Trail as it runs along huge power lines. When you get to a cement shed the left fork takes you to the top of the surrounding hills. There you'll find great views of the San Gabriels and not-so-spectacular vistas of the roads and railroads. Watch our for pellet-gun players, jeeps, motorbikes, and trucks. Its best when its not too hot because the trail is in chaparral.

Safety Notes

Cajon Ranger Station (909) 887-2576. The nearest phone is probably at the "country store" just past the trailhead on 138.

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Last updated: 05/22/2009


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