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Hiking in the beautiful Los Padres National Forest above Santa Barbara.

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Los Padres National Forest map, San Marcos Pass topo map.


Follow I-210 west to 134 west to 101 north/west. After Santa Barbara but before Goleta take 154 north. Turn right on Figueroa Mtn. Rd. Five miles down Figueroa stop at Midland School (on the right) and get a hiking permit from the office. Once back on Figueroa heading north, continue for about 2.5 miles until the road crosses a bridge and makes a 180 degree turn.. Park and start hiking towards the big grassy mountain. About 2.5 hours.


For those looking to check out the amazing county above the Santa Barbara Coast, Grass Mountain provides a good first stop. Grass Mountain offers a beautiful, but strenuous, hike among abundant wildlife. Along the attractive creek are yucca, poison oak, and wildflowers. The best time to hike is late March - early April when wildflowers such as poppies, lupine, and shooting stars bloom. A permit is required for the hike - call Midland School at 805-688-5114 before making the drive to get a permit. Other fine hiking spots exist in Los Padres and the area is primed for some OTL exploring. There's good camping about an hour up Figueroa Mtn road at Davy Brown or Nira campgrounds.

Safety Notes

Carry sufficient water, especially in the hot, dry months. There's a ranger station at Cachuma Saddle.

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Last updated: 05/22/2009


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