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A 3 day, 32 mile canoe trip to the Colorado River with convenient drop-off and pick-up. No canoeing experience is necessary.

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Call Martinez Lake Resort (602-783-0253) and they'll send information. See pages 5-10 of Martinez information.


There - Take I-10 East towards Blythe - fill up on gas before leaving I-10. Just before Blythe take 78 South towards Palo Verde. Pass through "town" and look for the sign for Mitchell's Camp. Take the next dirt road to the left. At the dead end, turn left. This leads to Walter's Camp. About 6 hours. Home - Leave Martinez Lake Resort and make three lefts to get to 95 North towards Quartzsite. When you reach I-10 head West and home. About 6 hours.


"Relaxed canoeing on the Colorado River." The river brings you through the beautiful mountains on a river of green, brown, and blue. The water is swift, especially in the late spring when you can almost drift down the river and make camp in time. It is not uncommon to tie the canoes together and drift. Patti and Mary recommend the following procedure: leave Friday around 5pm, eat dinner on the road, and arrive at Walter's Campgrounds around 11pm. Wake around 7am, eat, and have a pre-canoe talk until the canoes arrive. Paddle for about 3 quarters of the day and then camp along the river. Camp fires are allowed at sites along the river. The next morning wake up early and paddle for half the day. The drive home will get you back that night.

Canoe Rental Info:

Martinez Lake Resort brings the canoes to the put-in and shuttles your cars to their resort where you get out. Weekend trip (2-day): <9 canoes costs $32/canoe + $90 delivery fee; >9 canoes costs $42/canoe but has no delivery fee. $15/canoe each additional day. Weekly rates are $75/canoe. They provide cushions and/or life vests and paddles. Vehicle shuttling costs $40/vehicle + gas. Try not to let them need gas. Advance reservations recommended. 1/3 of total cost required as deposit. Total cost for 9 people with meal cards was $450. Martinez Lake Resort (602) 783-0253; Lucille (shuttle drivers) (602) 329-1190; Walter's Camp (619) 854-3322

Safety Notes

Imperial County Sheriff (619) 572-0229; Yuma County Sheriff (602) 783-4427; Volunteer Rescue, Palo Verde, CA (619) 922-2220; Life Flight, Blythe, CA 1-800-247-8326; Palo Verde/Blythe Hospital (714) 922-4115; Yuma Hospital (602) 344-2000

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Last updated: 05/22/2009


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