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Mt. Ontario and Bighorn Peaks - Log in to edit.

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These two peaks offer not only an awesome view down into Claremont and the surrounding Pomona Valley (much nicer than Sunset Peak) but also have neat close up views of the south faces of Mt. Baldy. Kelly's Camp is one of the best places to camp in the Mt. Baldy area.

Relevant Guidebooks & Maps

Trails of the Angeles; USGS topo "Cucamonga Peak"


Follow directions to Ice House Canyon.


Follow the description for the Icehouse Canyon hike to Icehouse saddle. From the saddle, take the far right hand trail which backtracks along the ridge to the southwest. Be careful not to go northwest, which leads to Cucamonga Peak. A half-mile of fairly level forested walking takes you to Kelly's Camp. A mining prospect and trail camp at the turn of the century, Kelly's Camp is now a peaceful place to sack out under the stars. From camp the trail gains elevation and enters a burned out lodgepole pine forest. While not so good for the trees, the fire did manage to provide the hiker with awesome vistas out into the Mt. Baldy area. The trail soon gains the ridge (where a 1/2 mile spur trail leads east to Bighorn Peak), hops over and around several downed logs, and traverses to the summit of Ontario Peak (8693'). Try sitting on the topmost rock... if there is a slight breeze it'll feel like you're about to take off on a roller coaster ride. Ontario Peak is two and a half miles from Icehouse Saddle and six and a half miles from the trailhead.

Safety Notes

You'll need a wilderness permit, even for dayhikes. Get these at the ranger station in Mt. Baldy Village.

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