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A nearby short hike to a good sunset vista.

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From campus take Mills (turns into Baldy Rd.) north up to Baldy Village. Turn left on Glendora Ridge Road. Park at the scenic point parking on the right and head across the street to the trailhead.


The trail is actually a fire road, so you will sometimes see vehicles going to the radio towers that are nearby. The view along the trail is great; there are mountain ranges across the canyon. At one pint there is a big clear space with three possible directions. Take the sharp left turn up the steeper trail. To save time, near the top you can take the east ridge directly to the top, avoiding some of the switchbacks. This hike and the scenic point are also beautiful at night. For once the valley looks good with all the lights. It's a great place to watch meteor showers.

Safety Notes

If you are planning this hike to view the sunset bring flashlights for the return hike. Baldy Village has pay phones and a range station.

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Last updated: 05/22/2009


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