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A place like no other. Sunsets and sunrises can be unbeatable. Furnace Creek Visitor Center provides a good overview and orientation spot.

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Death Valley Topo Map, California Road Map


Take I-15 North to 127 North (exit in Baker) to 190 West (main entrance) or take I-15 North to 395 North. Turn off in Red Mountain towards Trona. Follow this to 190 North/East into the monument. Stop for amazing pizza in Adelanto (turn right on the main street and go one block) if you take 395. Its about 20 miles North of I-15.


Death Valley is a spectacular place that defies description. There are many things to see and places to explore. The lowest spot in the US is near Badwater, but is kind of touristy. The sand dunes are a must (near Stovepipe Wells). Many canyons are incredible as well. There are many RV's and tourists so avoid smallHeaded, easy-access spots. The best time of the year is late Fall, Winter, and early Spring. Camping exists in many spots - the walk-in sites at Furnace Creek Campground are nice. Don't camp out of designated areas. Backcountry camping is allowed - see regulations.

Safety Notes

This is very often the hottest spot in North America. Water is a major issue here - it is available at Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells. It can also be very cold at night in the winter. Avoid hiking during the peak temperature times and watch for dehydration. When driving watch your temperature guage and avoid using A/C during the day. The 395 route to the monument involves some serious hill climbing and decending. See map for ranger stations and telephones.

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