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Bouldering and climbing in a "beautiful" urban setting.

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From Claremont take I-210 West past Pasadena. Take the 118 West exit.. Exit 118 at Topanga Canyon Blvd and head south about 1/2 mile. Stoney Point is the obvious crags on the left.


Climber's Guide to Southern California .


These sandstone crags offer quality climbing but unfortunately have a number of unattractive features. Situated in the northern most stretch of LA proper, Stoney Point is a group of slick sandstone rocks that are assaulted by daily smog, graffiti, and trash. They are located right next to a freeway intersection and are anything but a peaceful nature experience. The crags are 20-70 ft high and offer good toproping, although anchors are hard to find in a few places. Stoney Point does have some of the best bouldering in Southern California, however. The hardman boulder has a few days worth of moves. This is one of the places where 5.10 was first graded, so that means that 5.10 is anything harder than 5.9 all the way up the scale, practically! Its a popular place so expect crowds and many LA sport climbers. The sandstone is also pretty greasy in many places.

Safety Notes

Rock fall and urban violence are the main concerns. Also inattentive scrambling could lead to twisted ankles.

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