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A small climbing spot next to a gorgeous waterfall.

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Climber's Guide to Southern California


Take I-15 South to Lake Elsinore. Exit on 74 West towards San Juan Capistrano. Follow 74 through town and up the very steep hill. At the top of the hill the road levels out and goes through a village. The road will come out to broad views of valleys on either side of the road's small ridge. When you see large dirt turnouts on both sides of the road pull off to the right. If you look upstream you should barely see the waterfall (or where it is if its dry). Follow one of the several dirt paths to the falls (5 minute walk). The drive takes about 1:15. On I-10 East at Archibald is a great breakfast spot. Take the Archibald exit and turn left and then left again immediately. Follow this driveway through the winery to the Homestyle Cafe. Breakfast is also found at the I-15/74 Junction. Go left under the freeway from the I-15 off ramp and look in the shopping center on the right.


The Falls is a good spot for small groups to climb, swim, and catch some rays. It is particularly noteworthy in winter and early spring when the waterfall is flowing. When water is present, hike around above the falls, cross the stream, and set up top-ropes around the large boulders at the top. A good belay spot is on the ledge 15 feet below the anchor. Lower climbers down just above the water and let them climb up. There are 3 or 4 prominent routes. Climbs move from 5.7 to 5.9+ as you move to the right (facing the wall). Plan to get wet after you climb as the pool at the bottom provides refreshing relief after a day of climbing. When the pool is dry the routes may be led. The sandy area at the base becomes a nice spot to relax when not climbing. Get there early on weekends because of the lack of routes. Hiking is possible up and down the stream, although there is no trail. For a challenging road-bike trip, bike up the hill on 74 after Lake Elsinore. This trip could possibly be combined with an afternoon at the beach in San Juan Capistrano.

Safety Notes

When lowering climbers to the bottom it is hard to see and hear them. Be sure not to lower the climber into the water (unless they want to get wet). Watch for broken glass - the Falls is a popular "hang-out" spot as well.

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