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Meadows, Groves of Sequoia's, beautiful rock water falls, Two lakes who may be fraternal twins in some world, and a pleasant summit to a beautiful ridge. No loops, just in and out. Quite pleasant. Doable as a 2day trek. Passes a decent Pizza Place in 3 Rivers with a great slogan (you'll know)

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Sequoia/Kings Canyon


Take the 210 W to the 5, to the 99 to the 198 and follow into the park. Twin Lakes starts at the Lodgepole trailhead. Basecamps are mostly first come first serve. Permits available for backcountry camping during on-season. Not necessary in off-season. Go all the way to the end of the Lodgepole campground to the last parking lot. Go West across bridge and follow trailhead to the left. Easy to follow, well marked, multiple river crossings.


Easy 7 mile hike with an elevation gain up to 9500ft at Twin Lakes. Multiple river crossings. Highly suggest Fall Break-Thanksgiving when there's snow and not so many people. The trail passes by multiple groves and places to camp. The high altitude lakes are fed by snowmelt from a peak another 500-1000 ft North. Extended hikes may continue down over the peak into Ranger lake and beyond. There is no loop though so just come back the way you came. It's beautiful no matter what.

Safety Notes

Bear country. Designated campgrounds typically have bear boxes so you don't need bearcans just be wary of what you leave in your packs at night. It is high elevation so bring warm clothes and wool socks with liners in case your get wet crossing rivers, or if you're hiking through snow towards the peak.

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Last updated: 10/29/2009


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