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Category: Surfing



Rock beach, sand break, eroding sandstone cliffs, morning dolphins. Great for beginner surfers. also known as old man's beach. really long, easy rides.

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not needed.


10 W and quickly transition from 57N towards 210 to 57S. Take exit 22 towards Santa Ana Freeway/ I-5S. Exit to old highway 101 and make a left (south) into park. Travel to site 2. park and hike your surfboards down a short 1/5 mile onto a private little beach.


So mellow, so private, just you and the waves for as long as you want. More competitive breaks exist just north of old man's but if you want a gentle atmosphere for longboard rides, this is the spot for you and the very best of nature.

Safety Notes

Rocky beach so beware of entry points in which the waves might tumble rocks into your shins. Bail early before hitting the beach. Don't climb sandstone cliffs. they're eroding.

Edited by (in order): Danielle Joseph

Last updated: 10/29/2009


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