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Shaded canyon hike with a waterfall and connections to other day hikes or longer trips.

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Merge onto CA-210 W.
Take exit 32 for Santa Anita Ave. (about 17 miles from Claremont)
Turn right onto Santa Anita Ave and follow it through town until it becomes Chantry Flats Road (you'll enter a wilderness area at this point and begin winding up into the mountains). After 3.2 miles, there's a parking area on your right with the trailhead. You do need a parking pass.


About 4 miles round-trip, this short day hike winds down into a shaded canyon. Follow the wide, well-marked trail down to Sturtevant Falls, a 50-ft waterfall with a shallow pool beneath it. Probably not deep enough for swimming, but good for cooling your feet. The trail is a little buggy in August, but may be better other times of year. Other hiking trails connect to this one, giving you the option of going to Chantry Flats, Mt. Wilson, etc.

Safety Notes

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Last updated: 08/29/2011


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