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On the Loose holds Shindigs every now and again to bring together the five-college outdoor community. Shindigs are the time to share stories from past outings and to discuss plans for future trips over delicious Trader Joe's backcountry snacks and drinks. Special Shindigs are held before Fall and Spring breaks to advertise trips and introduce leaders. Like “On the Loose” on Facebook, check the Trips page of our site, or contact us for information on the next Shindig. We hope to see your smiling face there!

Contact Info



If we do not respond to your email quickly enough, send a bunch more. There will be an OTL staff member working at the OEC during thes hours (Tuesday 4pm-10pm, Wednesday 4pm-7pm, Thursday 7pm-10pm).

Gear We Lend 

To check out gear, go to the OEC (5C, absolutely free), POA (Pitzer), or Delta H (Harvey Mudd).

Places We Go

On the Loose sends trips all over Southern California and the Southwestern States from Anza-Borrego to Zion. OTL maintains an extensive guide that describes many of our favorite destinations.

Things We Do

We do many things. OTL’ers enjoy all types and intensities of outdoor activities including rock climbing, day hiking, car camping, sea kayaking, surfing, beaching, backpacking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, backcountry sledding, and bear wrestling. If you have an inkling of interest in the outdoors, we can keep you busy. Students have been known to quit their varsity sports for OTL.

Leader Info

OTL Leaders are in charge of OTL trips. They pick where to go, what to do, and they get the gear and funding they need to make it happen.


It's straightforward to become a leader.


First, complete one of OTL's Leader Training sessions (held twice each semester). Then, co-lead two OTL trips or one longer trip (3+ days) and obtain Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification - or equivalent or higher certification - to become a full leader.


Students with significant outdoor leadership experience may attend OTL's Accelerated Leader Training held in one night to become a co-leader. Then obtain Wilderness First Aid certification and co-lead one OTL trip to become a full leader.


Leaders without a first aid certification may still lead trips, but only those that don’t involve any high-risk activities and remain in the front country (defined as less than 3 hours from emergency medical help), such as day hikes. For backcountry trips (greater than 3 hours from emergency medical help) or those involving high-risk activities like rock climbing, a first aid certification is required.


There are several vehicles that can be reserved for OTL trips. The OEC owns a 7-passenger Nissan Pathfinder, and the ASPC owns two vehicles that students may borrow: a 5-passenger Toyota Camry and a 7-passenger Honda Odyssey. However, if you'd like to use a vehicle, you (or someone on your trip) must be a Pomona approved driver. To become an approved driver, fill out a driver form (available in the ASPC Office on the second floor of the Smith Campus Center) and bring it and your driver’s license to the ASPC Office. Once you’re approved, you can reserve the OEC or ASPC vehicles through CollegiateLink. Make sure to reserve them at least one week before your trip. There is a small per-mile fee, but it maxes out at $60, so borrowing a college vehicle can be a very affordable transportation option.


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