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On the Loose holds raucous Shindigs every other Tuesday at 9 o'clock to bring together the five-college outdoor community. Shindigs are the time to share stories from past outings and to discuss plans for future trips over delicious home-cooked backcountry snacks. Here we also share pictures, elect the OTL Badass of the Week, and rappel off the balcony. We hope to see your smiling face this Tuesday!

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Contact Info


If we do not respond to your email quickly enough, send a bunch more.

Office Phone (909) 607-2531

Office Hours (M thru Th 7-10).

Gear We Lend

We have a gigantic selection of gear to lend for free. For hours, policies, and a complete list of available gear, click here.

Places We Go

On the Loose sends trips all over Southern California and the Southwestern States from Anza-Borrego to Zion. We also run trips to Mexico. OTL maintains an extensive guide that describes many of our favorite destinations.

Things We Do

We do many things. OTLers enjoy all types and intensities of outdoor activities including rock climbing, day hiking, car camping, sea kayaking, surfing, beaching, backpacking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, backcountry sledding, and bear wrassling. We maintain an extensive guidebook with information on our popular destinations. If you have an inkling of interest in the outdoors, we can keep you busy. Students have been known to quit their varsity sports for OTL.

Leader Info

We have a large collection of invaluable information for leaders. Leader resources can be found here.

Who We Are at OTL

OTL Staff have expertise in all varieties of outdoor endeavors in California and elsewhere. We're a resource at your disposal and we'd love to help you plan your next adventure.


Will Tachau '14, Webmaster

(502) 553-1965


Laura Munoz '14

(206) 992-5019 


Cassandra Owen '14

(714) 625 9237


 Alex Lammers '14

 (605) 484-7905


Marlene Haggblade '14

(240) 252-8046


Dinu Duri '15

(310) 873-8891


Jonathan Feingold '15

(402) 802-2332 


Julie Shrieve '15

(801) 349 8339