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Becoming a Leader

OTL Leaders are in charge of OTL trips. They pick where to go, what to do, and they get the gear and funding they need to make it happen.

It's easy to become a leader. First, complete one of OTL's Leader Training sessions (held twice each semester). Then co-lead two OTL trips or one longer trip (3+ days) and obtain Red Cross First Aid certification (or equivalent or higher certification) to become a full leader.

Students with significant outdoor leadership experience may apply to OTL's Accelerated Leader Training held in one afternoon to become a co-leader. Then co-lead one OTL trip and obtain Red Cross First Aid certification (or equivalent) to become a full leader.


Resources for Leaders

Need trip ideas? Check out the OTL Guide for the best places to go. If you are an OTL leader, you can also attend the OTL shindigs to get trip ideas and find co-leaders.

All trips must be registered online, allowing students to sign up on the website. Trips can be created and edited through the MyOTL page.

OTL has several vehicles that can be used for trips. The OEC houses a 9-passenger Suburban (check it out through the OEC!!!) and, the two 5-passenger ASPC camrys are GREAT for OTL trips (check them out at the ASPC!). However, if you'd like to use a vehicle, you (or someone on your trip) must be a Pomona approved driver. To become an approved driver, fill out the driver form, have it signed by Susan Deitz in the Office of Student Affaris in Alexander Hall, and then bring the form and a photocopy of your drivers license to Julie Roberts, also in Alexander Hall. Once you are approved, talk to the OTL Director to reserve a vehicle for your trip.

Leader Documents

OTL Handbook
Driver Form
Reimbursement Form
Release and Liability Form


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