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King Sequoia's Spring Death Break

These dates have already passed.

Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, King's Canyon
03/09/2012 to 03/16/2012
Requested by:
Perri Fagin
Required Gear
Bear Canisters, Tents, Tarps, Water Pump, Compass, CARS!!!!!!!, First Aid Kit, Rope, Stove, Propane, Latrine Kit

Seeking a small group of people to accompany us (5 Pitzer students)on a freakin' rad spring break trip to Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, and Kings Canyon. Camping, day hikes, sand dunes, Scotty's Castle, salt flats, all around adventures, etc. etc. Also seeking some homies that have cars to transport us to these places. Funding will be sought from multiple outdoors clubs. 

 Holla if you're interested! 

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