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Rae Lakes Loop

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Rae Lakes Loop- ending at middle lake (King's Canyon)
03/12/2017 to 03/16/2017
Requested by:
Ira Fleming
Required Gear
From OEC:
Bear cans (we can get these at the ranger station).
Tents for five.
Camping stove.
2 cooking pots.
First aid kit.
water purifier? (we can get iodine tablets, too)

Real hiking boots/socks.
No more than $30.
Warm clothes (not too many though)!
Swim trunks
Rain gear
Eating utensils and container

The original hike is a ~40mi loop with a high point of 12000ft. We will NOTbe reaching that milage or altitude. For us, it's an 'out-and-back' where we reach the middle lake at 20mi on the second day, and then turn around on the third. We will need a wilderness permit from King's Canyon National park. There's no quota during these months. We don't want to do the whole loop because the Glen pass crossing will absolutely be snow covered and we aren't prepared for that.

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