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Biking Angeles Crest: from Mountains to Sea

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Claremont -–> Wrightwood --> Chilao CG --> Santa Monica
10/15/2017 to 10/17/2017
Requested by:
Noah Levine
Required Gear
1. Bike stuff- a reliable bike (ideally a road bike or a dedicated touring bike) with some way to carry gear (i.e. rack with panniers or a frame pack/seat pack/handlebar pack set up)
2. Camp stuff- a sleeping bag and pad
3. Personal stuff- appropriate clothing, etc.
4. A positive attitude!

Hi there!


Have you ever dreamed of pedaling your way out of the suburban sprawl of the Inland Empire into the San Gabriel mountains? If so, this is your chance! If not, well... this is still your chance! Join us on a self-supported bike tour of Angeles National Forest along the scenic Angeles Crest Highway, with stop-overs in the village of Wrightwood and Chilao Campground on the way to our final destination (drum-roll please): the Santa Monica Pier!


Tentative Itinerary: 


  • Sunday: Claremont to Wrightwood (50 miles, 5700 feet of climbing)
  • Monday: Wrightwood to Chilao Campground (50 miles, 3500 feet of climbing)
  • Tuesday: Chilao Campground to Union Station/Santa Monica (50 miles, lots of descending) [Metrolink from Union Station to Claremont]


Note: This is a strenuous bike tour (50 miles/day) with a good deal of climbing (over 10K feet in all) over three full days of riding. This means three things:


  1.  First, you should be able to handle a bike over steep, twisty terrain! 
  2. Second, you need a bike, ideally a road bike with some means of carrying gear (a rack with panniers, a frame pack + saddle pack, etc.). While it is important that you have the right gear, if you are missing one or two items we can work with you to improvise a solution. 
  3. Third––this is key––you need to be physically and mentally prepared. Though bike touring is not at all about getting there fast (we go the pace of the slowest rider), we do need to get there eventually (by dark).



That said, feel free to reach out to us with any questions/concerns! From previous experience, this is a sweet route with amazing scenery all around.


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