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Surfing in big Sur!

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Big Sur
10/13/2017 to 10/16/2017
Requested by:
Teddy Kahn
Required Gear
Wetsuit (min 4/3 recommended)
Hood (optional)
Sleeping Bag and Pad
Water Bottle
Books, etc

Don't have awesome plans for fall break? Hav'nt been to the beach in a while? Frothing to surf an uncrowded lineup? Then great, yuo've come to the right place. We're doing a 4 day trip (Friday morning-Monday Evening) to surf at Big Sur. The waves will be somewhat sizable (4-5 ) so some surf expereience is recommended. If you just want to enjoy the amazing scenery around Big Sur thats cool too. If we can get an additional car, we can have one car for surfers and one car for people who wish to explore around. We will be camping at a campsite. 

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