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Destination Hollywood Farmers Market
Requested by: jane kassavin
When? from February 26, 2012
to February 25, 2012
Wasn't the Santa Monica Farmer's market fun??? Shouldn't we go to the Hollywood farmer's market, which is larger, and in Hollywood, and next to the Hollywood sign? Don't you want t...

Mo' Mojave
Destination Mojave Desert (specifically Hole-In-The-Wall?)
Requested by: Joanmarie Del Vecchio
When? from March 24, 2012
to March 25, 2012
I LOVED visiting the Mojave this fall, but it snowed and I was ill-prepaired for the frigid wilderness. Now that I took a trip to a camping supply store I am ready to face the beautiful park once more...

Spring break. kayaking. Channel Islands?!
Destination pick a Channel Island.
Requested by: Jamie Garcia
When? from March 12, 2012
to March 14, 2012
LET'S GO KAYAKING PLEASE. I've always wanted to go to the Channel Islands and kayaking would be super cool. Not sure which Channel Island...anyway we could do a day thing or we can camp or som...

Backpacking in Joshua Tree
Destination J-Tree!
Requested by: Kara Freedman
When? from March 15, 2012
to March 18, 2012
Having only been to J Tree once on a short car-camping stint, I would love to go to the backcountry, hike and spend a night or two in the desert! I don't have any real suggestions beyond that, and...

King Sequoia's Spring Death Break
Destination Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, King's Canyon
Requested by: Perri Fagin
When? from March 09, 2012
to March 16, 2012
Seeking a small group of people to accompany us (5 Pitzer students)on a freakin' rad spring break trip to Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, and Kings Canyon. Camping, day hikes, sand dunes, Sco...

Waterfallin' trip
Destination Deep Creek
Requested by: Penny Wu
When? from March 16, 2012
to March 16, 2012
We will take a nice 2 mile hike up a trail near the end of Deep Creek rd. We wil be greeted by a lovely waterfall called Tom Branch! If we hike some more we might be able to see Juney Wank waterfall t...

Sespe Spring Break!
Destination Sepse Wilderness
Requested by: Arielle Zionts
When? from March 10, 2012
to March 17, 2012
Come to the gorgeous Sespe Wilderness for backpacking, creek swimming, hot springing, and hiking to a waterfall! It is only 2 hours and 45 minutes away. We have 3 spots open and would be happy to add ...

Cesar Chavez at Mammoth!
Destination Mammoth
Requested by: Rachel Ekaireb
When? from March 29, 2012
to March 31, 2012

Mt. Baldy for Finals
Destination Mt. Baldy
Requested by: Graham Barlow
When? from December 19, 2012
to December 19, 2012
For anybody who has finals friday and monday/tuesday who wants to let off steam instead of studying for another final friday.  A relatively easy day hike from mid-morning to mid-afternoon I don't...

J Tree Time!
Destination Joshua Tree
Requested by: Alexandra Smith
When? from February 08, 2013
to February 10, 2013
This will be an explosively fun trip, I guarantee it. It's my first OTL trip so I'm pretty darn stoked. Pack your backs and leave the Claremont bubble for two nights and few days in between. W...

Baldy Skiing?
Destination Mt. Baldy Ski Resort
Requested by: Adam Long
When? from March 03, 2013
to March 17, 2013
Anyone interested in a weekday of skiing at Baldy? There's a nice Groupon going on: http://www.groupon.com/deals/mt-baldy-17?pt=aUSavrjAAAACNkX3ZqWK2D8ORLV6wUPUZ   E-mail me if interested. I can...

Deep Creek Hot Springs
Destination Deep Creek Hot Springs San Bernadino
Requested by: Philipp Schmuecker
When? from March 09, 2013
to March 09, 2013
Trip to the Deep Creek Hot Springs. Great hike, beautiful scenery! We would still need a driver!

San Diego Camping Trip!
Destination South Carlsbad State Beach
Requested by: Mariah Valerie Barber
When? from April 27, 2013
to April 28, 2013
Come explore the beautiful San Diego coast by camping at South Carlsbad State Beach! There will be hiking and swimming by day and camp fire stories by night.  

Can't Take the Sky from Me
Destination Zion National Park
Requested by: Jonathon Culver
When? from October 18, 2013
to October 21, 2013
Voted the best National Park 2013 by Trip Advisor, Zion National Park would be the best fall break trip.  

Walking through the Valley of Fire SP
Destination Valley of Fire, Nevada
Requested by: Jonathon Culver
When? from October 18, 2013
to October 21, 2013
A trip on I-15-N on Friday afternoon to see the sunrise at one of the most amazingly colorful, accessible, not subject to government shutdown, and just plain awesome sites would make an amazing fall a...

Spring Break in the Grand Canyon
Destination Grand Canyon
Requested by: Cecilia Hollenhorst
When? from March 15, 2014
to March 20, 2014
We have a group of 3 or 4 people interested in heading to the Grand Canyon during spring break, but none of us are certified OTL leaders :( Come adventure with us!

Joshua Tree
Destination Joshua Tree
Requested by: Emily Freilich
When? from October 18, 2014
to October 21, 2014
Does anyone want to lead hiking in Joshua Tree leaving late Friday night or early Saturday and coming back Tuesday afternoon? 

Destination Yosemite National Park
Requested by: Ranulfo Ramos Santos
When? from March 14, 2015
to March 17, 2015
We are headed to yosemite this spring break! We plan to explore curry village, hike some trails, and enjoy the beautiful senery. We have reserved enough space for 10 people at the Yosemite Curry Villa...

Destination Yosemite National Park
Requested by: Ranulfo Ramos Santos
When? from March 14, 2015
to March 17, 2015
We are headed to yosemite this spring break! We plan to explore curry village, hike some trails, and enjoy the beautiful senery. We have reserved enough space for 10 people at the Yosemite Curry Villa...

Destination Stoddard Peak
Requested by: Madeleine Colvin
When? from April 04, 2015
to April 04, 2015
Join the WU this Saturday for a hike up Stoddard Peak! We will leave the OEC at 10 AM, drive to the trailhead, and start our hike. We'll eat lunch at the peak, while chatting and enjoying scenic m...

After final trip!!
Destination J-T/Yosemite/Sequoia
Requested by: Joanne Jia
When? from May 18, 2015
to May 21, 2015
For those who have a few days to spend after the final!! 

Turn-around Grand Canyon
Destination Grand Canyon National Park
Requested by: Jessica I. Valenzuela
When? from October 18, 2015
to October 20, 2015
Leave Claremont @4am on 10/18 and leave GCNP at sunset on 10/20. Sleep at a campsite on the South Rim. Light hiking on the paved trail above the rim.

Destination Yosemite
Requested by: Klaudia Dziewulski
When? from October 15, 2015
to October 19, 2015
We could camp at Yosemite and do hikes. We could leave either Thursday evening or Friday morning. There are awesome hikes like one up to Glacier Point, Rancheria Falls, and so on. 

Death Valley Super bloom
Destination Death Valley National Park
Requested by: Judy Cheng
When? from March 05, 2016
to March 06, 2016
Death Valley is having a rare super bloom with millions of wild flowers blooming all over! let's go frolic in the fields of yellow happiness!

Long beach hangout and camping
Destination Long beach
Requested by: Judy Cheng
When? from March 26, 2016
to March 27, 2016
hang out at long beach and maybe camp for a night?

Destination Cucamonga and the Three Ts
Requested by: Eli Loeb
When? from April 01, 2017
to April 02, 2017
Climb Cucomonga by Icehouse Canyon Trail.  Descend back to saddle.  Climb first T and camp somewhere along the trail after that.  Day 2 climb other 2 going to baldy saddle and then descending or if...

Spring Break in Utah!
Destination Zion (Etc)
Requested by: James Baker
When? from March 10, 2017
to March 17, 2017
Sign up to spend a fantastic break in beautiful Zion National Park (and others)! Get ready for a jam-packed week of hiking and adventuring, including the famous Angel's Landing :O.  Unfortuantely...

Rae Lakes Loop
Destination Rae Lakes Loop- ending at middle lake (King's Canyon)
Requested by: Ira Fleming
When? from March 12, 2017
to March 16, 2017
The original hike is a ~40mi loop with a high point of 12000ft. We will NOTbe reaching that milage or altitude. For us, it's an 'out-and-back' where we reach the middle lake at 20mi on the...

Hike and Swim!
Destination The Bridge to Nowhere
Requested by: Leah Shorb
When? from April 02, 2017
to April 02, 2017
Let's go on a nice day hike! Sleep in a bit, meet at OEC at 9:45, grab some lunch from Frary, and we'll head out!   It's an hour drive, about 1.5 hourish hike up (3 total) to the bridge ...

Biking Angeles Crest: from Mountains to Sea
Destination Claremont -–> Wrightwood --> Chilao CG --> Santa Monica
Requested by: Noah Levine
When? from October 15, 2017
to October 17, 2017
Hi there!   Have you ever dreamed of pedaling your way out of the suburban sprawl of the Inland Empire into the San Gabriel mountains? If so, this is your chance! If not, well... this is still your c...

Surfing in big Sur!
Destination Big Sur
Requested by: Teddy Kahn
When? from October 13, 2017
to October 16, 2017
Don't have awesome plans for fall break? Hav'nt been to the beach in a while? Frothing to surf an uncrowded lineup? Then great, yuo've come to the right place. We're doing a 4 day trip...

You had me at Yosemite
Destination Yosemite National Park
Requested by: Isabelle Phraner
When? from March 10, 2018
to March 18, 2018
Moderate to difficult backpacking trip through Yosemite over 7-8 days. AMAZING views and well marked trails. The trail is approximately 33 miles and can be done in 3-4 days, but 5-6 gives time to enjo...

Highway 1
Destination San Francisco Bay Area/Santa Barbara, Big Sur
Requested by: Isabelle Li
When? from March 11, 2018
to March 16, 2018
There are two of us interested in a trip to Northern California and am looking for people to travel with during spring break. We are flexible with the planning and are great travel companions/friends ...

Kayaking Day Trip
Destination TBD
Requested by: Katy Swiere
When? from October 06, 2018
to October 06, 2018
Let's go kayaking together!

Catalina Island day trip
Destination Catalina Island
Requested by: Lucy Jiang
When? from December 15, 2018
to December 15, 2018
Catalina hiking trip!! 1 day? or 2 days? plz trying to complete 47 things :'( 

Sequoia/Kings Canyon Spring Break
Destination Sequoia/Kings Canyon
Requested by: Summer Garrison
When? from March 20, 2019
to March 23, 2019
Propising an idea, will need lots of logistical advice in terms of which lakes to go to, etc! A mid-spring break 2-3 day car camping/hiking trip to some of the greatest lakes around the sequoia/kings ...






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