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Rancho Cucamonga
10/25/2012 to 10/26/2012
Peter Chinman
Will Hummel
Chase Olsson
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10/09/2012 to 10/25/2012
Maximum Participants
5 (including leader/co-leaders)

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Hello fellow explorers of the infinite and ineffable,


America is a nation contingent upon the concept of a frontier. First there was the west: the old beautiful west, ripe with cowboys and buckwheat, leather and heather. Then, during that chilly little war—once we had reached the pacific, destiny manifest— the frontier became outer space: that sallow field of darkness waiting in vacuous loneliness to be tilled by the red, the white, and the blue. Then we had science, whatever that meant, and neuroscience, to lead us into the workings and wanderings, the ebbings and webbings, of consciousness itself. Pah! 


I will say it again…Pah!



And now, my friends, I suggest a final frontier: free fall.


My cousin runs a skydiving center in Rancho Cucamonga. He has agreed to take the three of us and two others diving for Free! That is right. For Free. Parachutes included ;)


Sign up now! This is a once in a reincarnation cycle opportunity!